Cafe Starter Kit

Lets get you up and running, serving delicious Teascapes Teas. Starting a new cafe or restaurant or deciding to change over to our premium, organic brand ?

When it comes to a new cafe set-up , we can make your tea offering the easy part and take the stress of what to order out of the equation. We've got great suggestions for all sorts of cafes and venues, no matter what your size. With our 20 years experience in tea, we know what will sell immediately and what your tea drinkers would desire. We've also got all the Teaware necessary to get started!

As you progress with our teas,  we've got suggestions for seasonal teas or a flavour you can introduce into your menu which will increase your profits and popularity. Or if you prefer an array of iced teas for summer.

With complimentary customised menu cards for your tables, we can tailor every cafe with its own choices.

All that said, have a look at our Cafe Starter Kits below, options for Loose Leaf Tea, Pyramid Bags and a combination of both available to get you serving.