Cold Brew Tea Bottle 750ml

Cold Brew Tea Bottle is a unique Wine Shaped Tea Infuser Bottle - the best ice tea maker, made from borosilicate glass and steeps tea hot or cold. Use as a serving decanter on the table or for aN instant ice tea. It has a stainless steel cone infuser that fits into the silicon spout which captures the tea leaves, so you're not spitting out tea leaves !

Beautifully packaged in a presentable tube cylinder-box.
Available in a choice of 3 silicon lid colours. Bottle size 750ml.

  • Included: Glass bottle for brewing, storing and serving cold-brewed tea.
  • Silicon stopper/lid and spout.
  • Stainless Steel cone filter captures tea leaves when pouring; no need to remove tea leaves.
  • Slim size fits in refrigerator door shelves.
  • Borosilicate glass bottle 750ml capacity.
Aqua Green