Teascapes Gorgeous Green Tea Elixir & Teastick Infuser

Teascape's Gorgeous Green is a lovely Australian green tea with a hint of rose petals and strawberry that eliminates any bitter aftertaste often found in green teas. A delicate yet invigorating tea, it is an antioxidant rich concoction with a natural boost.


  • Gorgeous Green Loose Leaf Tea 200g
  • Teastick infuser

Perfect as a hot tea or serve over ice with fresh strawberries. For the ultimate convenience, pair it with Teascapes designed Teastick infuser. This nifty gadget picks up the perfect amount of tea for one cup and infuses within a cup or mug. Steep with hot water for 3-5 minutes, give it a stir and then flick out the leaves. Perfect for the home, office or on the go.